Rolling with the BIG DOGs

Now let us tell you about what “Rolling with the BIG DOGS Inc.” does.

We advance your riding skills. Whether your a woman or a man, there is always room for improvement. Whether you’ve been riding for decades or you’re new to the world of motorcycle touring. Everyone can hone their skills on challenging road surfaces, riding as pack members, coping with different traffic patterns, riding in inclement weather conditions and even planning long distance rides.

(Ladies, we have found that the men in your lives can get a little exasperated in teaching you these very skills, making you very nervous and even affecting your relationships and worse yet, your confidence on the road! We can alleviate a lot of that negative pressure you’re experiencing. Our primary goal is to build up your confidence, and maybe, even teach those same men a thing or two.)

For example:

1) It’s not always asphalt or concrete that we ride on. Sometimes these road surfaces end abruptly and all of a sudden you’re GPS is taking you onto a gravel road, or a dirt road. The last thing you want to do is tell your riding pack that you’re not comfortable riding on that type of surface and find yourself having to turn around to find another route to ride. It can be downright embarrassing, right? No, we’re not trying to teach you to “dirt bike” with your cruiser or sport bike, but we are trying to train you to confidently maneuver your way through these awkward moments and unforeseen obstacles to save face with your riding pack!

2) Let’s say you’ve been riding solo and now you want to ride in a small or large group. There are hand signals and group riding formations that need to be learned, and there are new traffic scenarios to comprehend to enhance group riding safety. We train individuals AND groups to deal with these challenges. We’ve even trained riders to parade, or, to ride in the heavy traffic of motorcycle rallies!

3) We can train you to be more comfortable in riding urban roadways, country roads, interstates, twisties, and even steep incline roads. We’ll try to teach you to ride at very low speeds, like in a parade formation, to higher speeds, like when you’re going cross-country and there is nothing but empty road ahead of you.

4) Does riding at night, or riding in the rain scare you? Most of us check the weather before we ride, but, who ever heard of a weatherman getting it right 100% of the time? Just because they’re calling for 20, 40, or even 60% chance of rain, it shouldn’t keep us from going out and enjoying what we enjoy most! Fear is to be overcome! We’ll teach you about different types of “all weather gear”. We’ll show you how to ride on wet surfaces. We’ll even train you to ride in wind gusts or even in foggy conditions. We’ll also train you to overcome your fear of riding at night.

5) We can teach you how to plan you’re next long distance tour. To many motorcycle riders are “weekend road warriors” and they never challenge themselves to actually take a motorcycle tour/vacation! We’ll show you what to pack. How to pack it. Teach you the logistics of route planning and map reading.